Academy of Soloists

The Kazakh State Chamber Orchestra “Academy of Soloists” is the leading musical collective of the Republic of Kazakhstan, created in 1991 on the initiative of the well-known violinist Aiman Mussakhajayeva.The main conductor of the orchestra is the honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakhytzhan Mussakhodzhaeva.
The Kazakh State Chamber Orchestra “Academy of Soloists” consists of laureates of international competitions, who have brilliant virtuous technique, rich of color sound, sense of ensemble, developing best world traditions of chamber playing.
The orchestra performs compositions of different epochs and styles and has the science of interpretation of baroque, classical, and modern music.
The orchestra carries out active concert and tour activity in the republic and abroad. The ensemble performed with big success in the best concert halls of Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia), Asia (Korea, Turkey, Japan), America (USA); collaborates with well-known performers of Russia (Spivakov, Tretyakov, Gridenko, Pletnev, Gavrysh, Grach, Kravchenko, Agaronyan, Saradzhan), Austria (Winischhofer, Schwarzberg), Israel (Kugel, Levitan), Germany (Blakher), USA (Slobodyanik), Norway (Shuldmann), Sweden (Stenerg). The orchestra even carries out special concert programs inviting leading conductors. In fact, the recognition of the mastery of Kazakh orchestra is confirmed by the numerous performances under the direction of renowned American, German, Polish, Austrian, Russian, Icelander conductors.
The Academy of Soloists Orchestra worthily represents music art and performing traditions of Kazakhstan and develops international cultural relations.

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